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-Ranch Riding Lessons/Classes, Horse Care Lessons/Classes, & Trail Rides

Depending on the weather. We will reopen to the Public for our Fall-Winter Season Rides on 09/07/21  We do not ride our horses if it is over 90 degrees or if the heat index (temp. + humidity) is over 150. We do not ride our horses if it is under 40 degrees. Rides may be canceled due to weather at any time.

We have a 225# rider weight limit.

For the sake of our horses' physical well-being.

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Our Trail Master will lead you beside meandering creeks and even to a little waterfall on the property. Even on a hot sunny day the wooded trails are cool and enjoyable. You will ride upon our beautiful, well-groomed and well-cared-for performance quarter horses in the shade of the Alabama Woods. G and L horses have different little personalities and yet, they still listen so well to cues from even beginners. 

They are able to neck rein and use leg cues. Our gentle, steady horses make our TRAIL RIDES very pleasant and enjoyable, whether you are a BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, or ADVANCED RIDER. We also offer HORSE CARE, TACKING, & a Mini-Riding Lesson in our TRAIL RIDE CLASSES for ALL AGES AND ALL LEVELS OF RIDING EXPERIENCE. 

If being a cowboy is your dream we have pastures with cattle that we raise on the farm! We would love to take you on the trails to see the cattle! The view from up there is AMAZING!

Meet the Manager, Lead Wrangler & Trainer

Chanoah Orr

She is a lifelong equestrian, student of the horse, equine science and 

business college graduate and certified stable manager whose expertise 

includes training and instructing, breeding & stallion handling, classical principles of dressage, centered riding, and natural horsemanship, as well as riding in various Western disciplines to include training young western performance horses in the versatile ranch horse discipline, ranch trail, trail riding,  reining, & cow-horse. As well as rehabilitating and training rescue horses to become schooling horses and trail riding horses.

She is fine-tuned with her extensive set of skills as a lifelong equestrian, horse trainer, and instructor while also studying the classic principles of dressage and horsemanship at the prestigious Equus Academy under the tutelage of internationally renowned equestrian, trainer, and coach, Jean-Philippe Giacomini, who is hailed as one of the true few masters of piaffe and passage, the most challenging dressage movements, and who had the utmost distinction of training the first of 15 Grand Prix dressage horses at only 17 years of age. She has used the knowledge she has gained from her experience at the Equus Academy, USA to train her own personal, rescued, rehabilitated, and retrained horses in Western Dressage for many years.

She also trains and shows the G and L Horses in Stock Horse Ranch Riding, Stock Reining, Stock Cow-Work, and Ranch Trail classes under the guidance of Performance Horse Professional Trainer Stephen Freeman at Old South Performance Horses. Freeman is a reined cow horse and ranch versatility event trainer whose goal is to help riders be clear, consistent leaders  for their horses. 

You are in safe hands as this experienced, light-handed trainer trains you to be a ranchy, respectful, alert, calm, soft-handed, centered, and mindful wrangler as you relax, unwind, and enjoy the wonders of nature, and pet the barn kitty, donkey, and bull at this well-maintained little 

Horse Farm and Cow Ranch- G & L FARMS